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Springfield, MO Criminal Attorney

Charges for Drug Possession

If you have been charged with drug possession, a lawyer from the firm can help. There are several possible defenses in a drug crimes case. Law enforcement must follow strict procedures in searching a vehicle, home or office in a drug crime case. If these procedures are violated it can be a violation of your constitutional rights and a basis to have your case dismissed. In possession cases it is not uncommon to discover that the person charged had no idea that the drugs were in their car or home. The burden of proof lies with the prosecutor, and the firm takes action to make room for reasonable doubt with regard to possession.

If you are caught in the criminal justice system in a drug charge, the first and most critical action to take is to ensure you have legal representation with experience and a proven record of success at trial. At Worsham Law Firm, the Springfield, MO criminal defense lawyer provides skilled legal counsel that will make a painstaking review of the evidence that has led to your arrest. Any flaws or holes in the case will be exploited to pursue a favorable outcome. As the penalties for possession can include jail or prison time, drug rehabilitation treatment, fines and other consequences, it is important that everything possible is done for your defense.

No two drug crimes cases are the same. There are many factors that a skilled legal team will look at to determine the most effective and compelling defense for each case. At Worsham Law Firm a team of legal professionals will examine every detail of your case. You will get your questions answered and you will be advised of your options. All relevant information you need to make an informed decision about your case will be made available to you. There is someone at the firm you can speak with when you need to. You will be able to follow the steps of your case through modern online services you can access any time day or night.

Contact a Springfield, MO drug crime attorney from the team to fight for you!

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