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Worsham Law Firm is the first firm in SouthWest Missouri to offer online client access to our case files. In June of 2010 the firm went file-less with the addition of the MyCase system. Mycase is known as "Social Practice Managmeent" utilizing a Social Media type feel for greater interaction among the attorney, staff and client during the progression of the case. Each case has it's own timeline and activity feed that helps everyone stay informed about the progress of the case.

By scanning all documents , every piece of information that would normally be found in a client's paper file is scanned and uploaded to the system. When an attorney or staff person needs the file they go online to get it instead of a file cabinet. Not only does this provide greater access to the file for the attorney and staff, but allows the client to fully participate in their case.

Security of information is of utmost importance. Mycase protects information by Utilizing Bank Level Security -- all client data is completely protected.

Often, Clients can feel in the dark about their case. Using this system, Anytime a client has a question about their case, they have the same level of access as any member of the firm and can go online to review any information needed. Clients can leave messages or ask questions online about their case in general or a particular document or exhibit. Not just documents can be uploaded -- audio and video of witness interviews or police interrogations, vehicle stops and other events can also be stored and shared.

Clients can also more full participate in their case by reviewing all the documents, uploading information on their own or by commenting and asking questions directly in the file.

This level of access gives this client greater comfort, knowing what's going on and feeling a part of their case.


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