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A DWI conviction can have a heavy impact on your life. A Springfield criminal defense lawyer from Worsham Law Firm is willing to hear your side of the story and take action for your defense. The sooner you get an aggressive and skilled legal team working for you, the better. Some aspects of the case can be challenging, but our firm has the years of experience and insight needed to handle it.

While an arresting officer can use external signs in their effort to determine if a suspect has been drinking, in order to more accurately assess a BAC level they may turn to chemical testing. Our firm is skilled in challenging both field sobriety and chemical tests, whether they be breath, blood, or urine results. We know that these tests are not always accurate and go above and beyond to advocate for our clients' rights in any DWI related case.

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Penalties for DWI Convictions

Having a blood alcohol content level of .08% or more, or demonstrating an inability to drive due to the effects of alcohol or drugs can land you behind bars. For those that are under the drinking age of 21, a BAC can be below .08% and still result in a DWI charge.

Penalties for a DWI conviction include:

  • A first time conviction is typically considered a class B misdemeanor charge that can lead to up to 6 months in jail, a license suspension of 30 days with further driving restrictions continuing for 60 days, $500 in fines and points added to a driving record which can raise insurance rates.
  • A second DWI can put a person in jail for up to year with fines of up to $1,000 and a yearlong license suspension.
  • For a class D felony third DWI, repercussions can include up to $5,000 worth of fines, up to four years in jail, community service, probation and 12 points placed on a driving record.

Your license will be suspended following your charges. A hearing may be requested within 15 days from receiving the notice of suspension/revocation where you can challenge your license suspension and request you're your driving privileges be reinstated. For those that do not request the hearing, license suspension or revocation will go into effect 15 days later.

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Worsham Law Firm has the knowledge and experience needed to help you understand all of the facts and laws related to your case. This is very important and will enable you to make informed choices concerning your defense.

In many DWI cases with the help of a knowledgeable and proven attorney, securing the best possible results is often more plausible. No matter the case, our firm is prepared to get favorable results on your behalf.

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