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Have you been charged with domestic assault? Talk to a Springfield, MO criminal defense attorney today because domestic violence can have potentially serious penalties. Missouri law breaks domestic violence into class A and class B felonies. Class A felonies have harsh penalties that include prison and heavy fines. Worsham Law Firm has the experience needed to handle these kinds of criminal law cases and you should call the firm today for help with your legal defense.

How Domestic Violence is Charged

Missouri Revised Statutes, Chapter 565, Offenses Against the Person §565.072 defines domestic assault in the first degree as when the perpetrator knowingly causes, attempts to cause physical harm or tries to kill someone that they have domestic relations with. This is a class B felony unless there is actual physical injury done or there is a prior record involved, in which case it will be enhanced to a class A felony. If someone is killed during domestic violence it is a violent crime and a murder charge may can be expected, an extremely dangerous legal problem. Missouri enforces the death penalty or life in prison without parole for first degree murder charges.

Criminal Defense Firm in Springfield, MO

Even a lesser domestic violence charge, such as domestic violence of the third degree where the cause of injury is negligence can have quite an impact on your life and family situation. The judge may decide to issue a restraining order forbidding you to contact your family. Prosecuting attorneys are zealous in domestic cases so you need an experienced law firm to defend you. This law firm has the experience needed to provide you with the highest quality legal representation in this situation. You will get a lawyer who will fight aggressively for you in court. This firm is a winner of the National Advocacy Center award for Excellence in Advocacy.


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