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There are some drugs that can be purchased and used legally, if the use of them is done within certain guidelines. Other drugs serve no beneficial purpose to society and are therefore considered illegal in all circumstances. Even normally legal drugs, such as prescription drugs can become illegal if they are improperly used, including taking higher than the dosage given by a doctor or selling them to others they were not prescribed to.

State Law on Drug Regulations

Drug crimes normally refer to the manufacturing, cultivation, trafficking, distribution or sale and possession of controlled substances. Controlled substances include illegal drugs such as marijuana and cocaine, but also prescription drugs. When prescription drugs are possessed or sold illegally, the repercussions can be severe as well. The Comprehensive Drug Control Act of 1989 includes Missouri Revised Statutes §§ 195.005 to 195.425. Under the state law there are different classes that a drug can be placed in ranging from Schedule IV to Schedule I. The high a schedule that drugs is placed in, often the more dangerous and addictive it is. These drugs will also be less likely to have any medical benefits.

Illegal Use of Controlled Substances

Drug manufacturing and cultivation charges can involve having in your possession certain types of plants or ingredients that are used to manufacture controlled substances. Evidence of chemicals and laboratory equipment used to manufacture illegal drugs such as methamphetamine or LSD can be used in the prosecution's case against you. Drug trafficking, distribution or sales covers all aspects of transporting controlled substances and moving them into the hands of those who consume them. If minors are a targeted user, charges and penalties will be significantly enhanced. Drug possession laws normally fall into two sections: for personal use (simple possession) or possession with the intention of distributing or selling.

Fighting Drug Crime Charges in Springfield, MO

The quantity of drugs involved, the type of drugs and the whether any children were present or could have been affected by the crime can be factors evaluated when determining whether misdemeanor or felony charges are filed. Drug crimes can move all the way up to a class A felony which can involve up to life imprisonment without the possibility of probation or parole. A successful defense is crafted with as much time as possible, so the sooner you contact the firm the more opportunities there could be in your case. In many drug charges, the first action a skilled lawyer will do is to establish if your rights were violated during the search, seizure and arrest process. Law enforcement officials must follow strict procedures and when these are violated, there could be options to get your case dismissed.

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