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While possession is the simplest of drug charges, possession with the intent to sell is more serious. The assumption is that the amount of drugs involved indicates that there was an intention to sell the substance. The threshold amounts in drug possession are extremely low, drug crimes. The type of charge filed, as well as the penalties if convicted, will be primarily based on the type of drug involved, the quantity of the drug(s) involved and the prior record of the individual charged with the crime. The penalties can range from small fines at the lowest, to life imprisonment.

State and Federal Crime

State and federal anti-drug agencies often will pool their resources and work together to fight illegal drug sales. As a result, prosecutors may charge defendants under federal law, state law or both. If you are facing charges for the sale of illegal drugs, you need an experienced and proven Springfield, MO criminal defense attorney from the firm on your side. A skilled and dedicated legal team will work diligently toward obtaining the best possible results for your case.

Fighting the illegal drug business can often feel like a losing battle to law enforcement. As a result, they can sometimes act improperly when investigating or arresting suspected perpetrators. A violation of your basic rights can often lead to a complete dismissal of charges against you. An energetic and aggressive lawyer will know how to recognize this and fight for your rights. The potential penalties you face in a conviction of selling or trafficking in illegal drugs can be severe and have a very negative impact on your future. Do not allow this to happen without a fight. Put a proven lawyer on your side and let him work for your best interests.


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