Defining Fraud & Criminal Charges

Fraud Defense Lawyer in Springfield, MO

In Missouri, fraudulent acts are criminally punished under a harsh degree of the law. Specifically, fraudulent behaviors are believed to be those in which an intentional deception is made for the sole purpose of personal gain or to cause damage to another person. Both a criminal offense and a civil law violation, fraudulent acts are punishable by criminal law and civil law.

Most criminal fraud offenses are identified as felonious and punishable as such. This means that those convicted of such a crime could be facing hefty fines, jail time, and probation. The civil penalties of a fraud conviction include substantial fines, – sometimes these include repaying a victim of the money taken from him / her - and more. Ultimately, a conviction and the penalties that go along with it will depend on the nature of the illegal activity, taking into account the scope and severity of the action as well as whether or not it was committed alone.

Forms of Fraud

Fraudulent acts take many forms, none which will escape the attention of criminal prosecutors. Whether you have been accused of bankruptcy fraud, identity theft or something else, you will very likely require the experienced skills of a proven Springfield criminal defense attorney in Missouri. When you have a legal professional on your side, you can rest more easily knowing that a results-oriented, proven lawyer is working diligently to obtain you the results you both need and deserve.

Included in the fraud charges that could be made against you are:

  • Wire fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Telemarketing fraud
  • Identity theft

For any kind of fraud accusation it will be of the upmost importance to take immediate legal action in the matter. The sooner you obtain the representation of a criminal defense lawyer, the better your chances will be of securing a desirable outcome for your case. Therefore, you should waste no time in ensuring that you are represented by only the best in the defense field of criminal law.


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