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Using the internet to cause harm to another (physical, mental or reputation) individual or group is classified as an internet crime. This can cover a very broad array of crimes. A traditional crime that is perpetrated over the internet would also be called an internet crime. A few examples of this would be harassment, stalking, pornography, child pornography, hate crimes and fraud. These crimes can be committed via internet communication channels and when they are, the person or group responsible can be charged with an internet crime. Some internet crimes are strictly performed on the internet, such as crimes involving spam.

If you have been charged with an internet crime, or you are being investigated, a Springfield, MO criminal attorney from the firm can help. The various classes of crimes associated with internet can be charged as misdemeanors or varying degree s of felonies. Depending on their scope they may be investigated and charged by local, state, federal or international agencies. Federal crimes and penalties tend to be more harsh that local and state. Penalties are always assigned based on the scope and extent of harm that was caused. Prior convictions of any crime can also enhance penalties if convicted.

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A skilled legal team representing you can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. You will want representation from a proven criminal defense attorney who is committed to pursuing the best possible result for you. The firm has demonstrable successes representing individuals and groups who have been charged with crimes. Insightful and creative application of the law allows the firm to craft a compelling defense case. What is important to know is that the sooner you involve your attorney in the case, the greater the chances of a favorable outcome.


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