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Charged for Burglary?

If you have been accused of or are under investigation for burglary, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to provide the vital information and professional expertise necessary to create the best possible strategy for your defense. Burglary is defined as the act of illegally entering the property (whether it is a building, a car, a garage, a warehouse etc.) with the intention of stealing valuable possessions or committing a felony.

State Law and Burglary Charges

A person does not have to actually steal anything for him or her to be accused of burglary. In the state of Missouri, there are two degrees of burglary. First degree burglary involves illegally entering the property of another with the intent of committing a crime or stealing another's property, being in possession of explosives or a dangerous weapon and threatening or harming another person who is not party to the crime. The final part of the definition of first degree burglary is that the person simply has to be in the property (building, car etc.); he or she doesn't have to be hurt or threatened.

First degree burglary is a Class B felony in Missouri. Second degree burglary involves illegally entering and staying in the property of another with the intention of committing a crime. Second degree burglary is a class C felony in Missouri. Fighting criminal charges can be overwhelming. The laws of Missouri are complex and it's easy to feel that there is no one on your side fighting to defend you. A Springfield burglary attorney from our firm should evaluate your case immediately, as there may be opportunities to get a case dismissal, reduced charge or an acquittal at trial. Knowledgeable about the laws and courts of Missouri, a lawyer from the firm can provide the best possible counsel and representation in your case.


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