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Have you been accused of or are you under investigation for robbery? It is important to act immediately to get the help you need in order to understand the nature of the charges you face or may face, and learn what you can do about it. A criminal defense attorney can provide you with the basic legal facts regarding your situation and give you the experienced representation you seek. Our firm has exceptional credentials and an impressive record at trial. We know how to craft a defense case that could increase your chances of a favorable case outcome.

Felony Crimes in Springfield, MO

Robbery is the act or attempted act of taking the valuable property of another by force, threat of force or through intimidation (i.e. the person being robbed is in fear). The difference between robbery and theft is the threat or use of violence and intimidation. In Missouri, there are two degrees of robbery. First degree robbery includes stealing something of value from another and one or all of the following conditions: the use or the threat of force, the perpetrator has a deadly weapon, or displays or uses a deadly weapon, or seriously harms or injures the other person.

First degree robbery is a class A felony in Missouri. Second degree robbery is defined as taking something valuable from another by force and is a class B felony. Pharmacy robbery, which involves stealing a controlled substance (schedules I through IV), also has two degrees. They are similar to the above definitions with the exception that the theft is of a controlled substance. If you have been charged with robbery and don't know where to turn for counsel, a Springfield, Missouri criminal defense attorney may be able to help. An experienced robbery defense lawyer can go over the particulars regarding your legal situation and work with you to make an informed decision regarding the how you would like to proceed.


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