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Civil and Criminal Traffic Offenses

Whether or not you feel you have been wrongly cited for a traffic violation, a criminal lawyer can be of assistance. Don't risk the suspension (the temporary stop of the right to drive) or revocation (cancelling) of your license. You have the right to fight back if you have a civil or criminal traffic offense pending. We offer you some facts about the Missouri traffic violation point system.

Missouri Traffic Violation Point System

In Missouri, being convicted of a moving violation results in the Department of Revenue adding points to your driving record. For example, a ticket for speeding results in 3 points, while leaving the scene of an accident results in 12 months and the suspension of your license. If you get 4 points in a year, you will be sent notice of this in writing. Accumulating 8 or more points in 18 months will result in the following suspensions of your license: first suspension - 30 days, second suspension - 60 days, and third or more suspensions - 90 days.

If you get your driver's license suspended by the Missouri Department of Revenue, you may not drive for the period of the suspension. Revocation penalties are more severe: if you receive 12 or more convictions in 12 months, or 18 or more convictions in 24 months, or 24 or more convictions in 36 months, driving privileges will be revoked by the Department of Revenue for one year. Whether you have been convicted of DWI, speeding or careless driving, accumulating too many points against your license can threaten your ability to drive in the state of Missouri.

A Springfield criminal attorney can help you with your traffic ticket problem. Don't risk your driving privilege s. A traffic ticket lawyer from the firm can go over your situation with you and provide all the important legal facts pertaining to it. With this information, you can decide what direction to take.


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