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Missouri is a state that enforces the death penalty, so violent crimes carry the potential of very harsh sentencing. If you have been charged with a violent crime, you need to see a Springfield, MO criminal defense attorney who will help to defend you against this charge. Worsham Law Firm is headed by a former prosecutor who won the National Advocacy Center award for Excellence in Advocacy. The firm has over fifteen years of experience in defending criminal defense cases.

Prosecuting Violent Crimes

Under Missouri Revised Statutes, Chapter 565, Offenses against the Person, Section 565.020 the penalty provided for murder in the first degree is death or life imprisonment without eligibility for parole. First degree murder is a premeditated murder. Robbery in the first degree is when there is force involved that causes harm to someone or you are armed or use the threat of force. This is a class A felony. Class A felonies are the most serious and can result in the death sentence, imprisonment, huge fines or any combination of these.

Types of Violent Crimes in Springfield

Other types of violent crimes include assault with a deadly weapon, domestic assault, sexual assault (rape) and assault on a minor. Depending on the circumstances, any of these violent crimes can lead to severe penalties as described above. If you have been charged in a violent crime it is in your own best interest to make no statements to the police but see a lawyer first. Call the firm and a lawyer will go over the facts of your case with you personally. You need a lawyer who has experience with criminal defense and who will fight aggressively for you in court and that is what this law firm will provide for you.


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