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If you are charged with the crime of assault you need to see a Springfield, MO criminal lawyer today. With a former prosecutor at the helm, Worsham Law Firm has the experience and the knowledge to provide you with the best criminal defense against your assault charge. Assault is broken down into specific categories, which depend for definition on the circumstances of the assault. For example, assault in general terms means to threaten someone in such a way as to cause them fear of physical harm.

Assault in the Third, Second and First Degree

However there can be assault with a deadly weapon, sexual assault and domestic assault. A person can receive injury during an assault or be raped and these factors change the circumstances and therefore the potential penalties of the assault. Missouri carries heavy penalties for violent crimes so the sentencing has the potential to be harsh. There are three degrees of assault charges with assault in the first degree being the highest form; punishable as a class B felony, or class A felony if serious injury was inflicted. If someone has been harmed or raped and there is a prior record involved, it's possible that the person charged could be facing the life in prison without parole.

If the circumstances of the crime determine that it is a Class A felony, then there is the potential for the kind of severe sentencing talked about above as well as heavy fines or any combination of these things. If you have been charged with assault, call the firm today and a lawyer will personally go over the facts of your case with you. An aggressive legal defense will be made that draws from over fifteen years of experience in criminal defense. This firm has won the National Advocacy Center award for Excellence in Advocacy and been named Super Lawyers and Rising Star 2011 in the Springfield Business Journal 40 under 40 2009 .


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