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The Difference Between Assault & Battery

Very often, individuals criminally accused of battery will be charged dually, with both assault and battery. However, the charges are actually two separate counts and it is possible for an individual to be charged with one and not the other. Specifically, battery charges denote a criminal offense in which physical contact is made towards another in an unlawful manner. This is unlike assault, which is merely the apprehension or threat of such behavior. According to U.S. law, battery charges can be enforced as a misdemeanor or a felony offense, depending on the severity of the situation and the circumstances at play.

Defining Battery Charges in Springfield

In common law terms, battery has been defined as "any unlawful touching of the person of another by the aggressor himself, or by a substance put in motion by him." Across jurisdictions, to be charged with battery generally means that you are believed to have engaged in the one or more of the following:

  • An instigated act of offensive touching / contact is made upon a victim
  • The instigator knows or intends to for his action to cause offense

Both simple and aggravated counts of battery can be inflicted on an actor who intentionally (sometimes even unintentionally) acts recklessly and offensively towards another, most often when referring to some sort of physical altercation. No matter what scenario leads to your ultimate charges, it will be more than imperative to ensure that you have a proven Springfield, MO criminal defense attorney on your side to help protect you against the allegations that were made in your name.

As you attempt to defend yourself against the charges that have been made in your name, you will be best served by having a criminal defense professional on your side, helping you in your efforts to do so. The pursuit of justice within the criminal system is rarely easy; however, it does not have to be impossible. With a defense attorney by your side guiding you through the process you will be able to feel more secure in your efforts to escape the penalties that come with a formal conviction.


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