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Embezzlement, Fraud and Other White Collar Crimes

Missouri law is tough on white collar crimes. Contact a Springfield, MO criminal defense attorney today if you have been charged in a white collar crime. White collar crimes are those crimes that involve fraud such as embezzlement, forgery, insider trading and counterfeiting. Worsham Law Firm is a winner of the National Advocacy Center Award for Excellence in Advocacy and they have provided their clients with aggressive litigation for over fifteen years. They have successfully defended many against types of criminal accusations involving white collar crimes.

State Statutes

Missouri Revised Statutes, Chapter 570, Stealing and Related Offenses, Section 570.217 makes misapplication of funds or embezzlement a class C felony if the amount is over a thousand dollars. Forgery of any kind, such as a false signature or a false document is also a class C felony. Felonies are serious crimes with serious penalties that can include heavy fines and the potential for incarceration, depending on the circumstances of the crime. A felony conviction on your criminal record will keep you from being able to get a job in the future, especially in financial crimes. There are many possible options to defend even the most serious criminal accusations in financial crimes, and you deserve to have your case reviewed by a true legal professional familiar with defending white collar crimes.

Call the firm today if you have been charged or become aware that you are under investigation. You need a lawyer with extensive experience to advise you and prepare a compelling and well researched and presented legal defense for you. You need a lawyer with experience in criminal defense: one who is a former prosecutor can best serve you and your interests. A lawyer from the firm will personally go over all the details of your case and prepare a high quality defense for you.

Get aggressive and experienced defense on your side to face these charges when you contact a Springfield, MO white collar crime attorney at the firm.


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