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Worsham Law Firm is an innovative divorce law group that strives to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and legal procedures. It is no secret that the world is quickly changing, and it is a race to keep up. One way that the firm has been successful in staying modern is through They are the first firm in Southwest Missouri to offer this online access. The purpose of MyCase Inc. is to keep clients informed of what is currently taking place in their case. It helps those who are experiencing family law issues to avoid waiting longer than necessary for details of the investigation and legal processes.

The firm went fileless in 2010 with the addition of this system. It is known as "Social Practice Management" because of its use of social media for interaction between the clients and attorneys. This is a method of utilizing modern technological products to increase client service standards so that the chance of successful results can be maximized. Clients are able to track the progression of their case with a timeline and activity feed. The reason the firm utilizes this technology is to help clients stay informed of every necessary detail of their case.

Security of MyCase

Many clients are concerned about the security level of this site. When it comes to Worsham Law Firm, security is of utmost importance. This site protects legal and personal information by using bank-level security. All data are completely secured. The files are scanned and uploaded into the software so that they are not be stolen from a file cabinet. This site provides full access to clients and attorneys only. All data are safe from outside parties. The access can give clients greater comfort because they know what is taking place and they can be more involved in their case.

Convenient Access to Files

MyCase Inc. is a completely safe way for lawyers to file cases and allow convenient access for clients. Often, clients feel that they are not being properly informed of many details concerning their case. This system provides access to any lawyer at the firm at any time. Clients can use the site to leave messages for a lawyer or ask questions about their case. It allows the client to completely participate in every step of the process. Wherever a computer is present, clients can go online and review the information they need anytime they wish. In many cases, audio and video of interviews that pertain to the case will also be accessible. The firm's clients are able to be an active part of the case because of the new interactive program that is taking over the common lackluster form of representation.

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