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The issue of child custody can turn into a messy situation. A Springfield, MO divorce lawyer from Worsham Law Firm can represent you to help resolve the matter. It is a difficult situation to handle because it also is one of the most important matters. There are two different kinds of custody that will have to be determined by court orders. Legal custody involves which parent will have actual authority to make major decisions in the life of the child, such as religious gatherings, education, and other elements that deal with the welfare of the child. Physical custody involves whose home the child will live in for the majority of the time.

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The Best Interest of the Child

For the most part, all issues involving a child, including child support, will be decided on the basis of the child's best interest. Other factors will be considered, however, including the wishes of each parent, both parent's future plans, failure to make any previous child support or maintenance payments, and the physical health and mental states of all involved. The party that does not receive child custody typically receives visitation rights.

Joint custody is the typical decision; it gives split responsibilities to both parties. In some circumstances, however, sole custody can be given to one parent or guardian. Sole custody can be granted in situations that involve:

  • Issues of proximity between parents
  • Parent's inability to cooperate
  • Child's relationship with parents
  • Any history of violence or neglect

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At the firm, the lawyers can help you know what should be expected at each step of the process. They can help prepare you for every step of the process. Either parent can petition for equal consideration for child custody. Everyone in this situation has rights that need to be protected when seeking guardianship. The firm is here to help you, so contact the team at once for guidance!

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