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The Divorce Process

The divorce process can be stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. It demands agreement, communication, and a multitude of other factors that are not always easy to obtain. The elements of child custody, maintenance, and child support must all be determined during the termination of a marriage. If you are seeking divorce, you probably have many questions on your mind involving topics of children, property, finances, and the future. At Worsham Law Firm, a Springfield, MO divorce lawyer can answer questions, provide guidance, and help navigate you through the process. At the completion of the divorce proceedings, the marriage will be over and elements of child custody and maintenance will be considered.

Grounds for Divorce in Springfield, MO

There are many topics that must be discussed when it comes to the dissolution of marriage. The first step to take is to determine whether you and your spouse are eligible for divorce. To file for divorce in Missouri, either party must be a state resident for 90 days or more prior to the date of filing. The state of Missouri has limited "no fault" divorce, which means that it does not require abuse or adultery as reasons for divorce. The most typical grounds for divorce are irreconcilable differences with your spouse.

If there remains no likelihood that the marriage can be saved and that it is forever broken, divorce is an option. If at all possible, it could be in your best interest to take the route of an uncontested divorce. In this process, both parties are in mutual agreement of the divorce and decisions can be made much more easily. Legal separation is another option in place of divorce because it can be easier to obtain, however, it does not have some of the same attributes as divorce. Each party should be adequately advised by legal counsel and can have their rights protected by a lawyer from the firm. Call today!

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