Seeking Maintenance After a Divorce

Factors Affecting Spousal Maintenance in Springfield, MO

If a marriage is undergoing dissolution, there are many factors that have to be considered. One important factor that has to be discussed is alimony, or maintenance. The specifics of maintenance are determined solely by the court, unlike child support. The court takes into consideration that which is "appropriate and reasonable." The following are many of the primary factors considered by the court when making the judgment for maintenance:

  • The total length of the marriage
  • The age and health of each party
  • The accustomed standard of living
  • Each spouse's income and earning abilities

It is important to have the strong representation of a Springfield, MO divorce attorney who is able to ensure alimony for the dependent party. After the amount of maintenance is determined, it is typically taken from the wages of the giver, or higher earner, and paid to the recipient. There are situations in which the court may allow the payments to be made directly from one party to the other.

Assistance Regarding Alimony

At Worsham Law Firm, no matter what end of the deal you are on, their lawyers can help you with your needs concerning alimony. If you desire to petition the court to receive maintenance from your spouse, or you wish to have your spouse's request for maintenance denied, a lawyer from the firm can discuss the options available. They can review the details of the case and both parties' personal information. After this assessment has been made, the firm can provide you with the forms that you need to begin the process.

In some circumstances, the two parties can come to a valid agreement but still require the help of a lawyer who can file the documents in a way that may improve the chances of receiving the judge's approval. It is a risky procedure to execute this process without a knowledgeable divorce lawyer. Contact the lawyers from Worsham Law Firm to have your case reviewed at once!

For assistance seeking maintenance, contact a Springfield, MO divorce lawyer from the legal team.

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