What is Uncontested Divorce?

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If both parties are in mutual agreement that their marriage is irreconcilable and needs to be dissolved, they can apply for an uncontested divorce. In this type of divorce, the parties agree to the grounds for divorce and often other elements of the divorce as well. When it comes to deciding factors such as child custody and maintenance, there is typically some common ground of both parties. A divorce lawyer from Worsham Law Firm can help you make sure that each party's rights are upheld and that laws are followed. A divorce attorney can also provide you with advice and support prior to signing important legal documents.

Skip the Divorce Court Process

One of the best parts about an uncontested divorce is that there is no need for court hearings. This kind of divorce can also be significantly less expensive because there are fewer arguments and, therefore, the court does not have to be involved. Uncontested divorces tend to be less hostile, which can lead to a smooth and an agreeable outcome. The proceedings typically move much quicker than a contested divorce. Less time will be spent filling out paperwork, and mutual agreements can be made.

Qualifications for an Uncontested Divorce

In order to pursue an uncontested divorce, the couple must meet specific requirements that can be further explained by a Springfield, MO divorce lawyer Uncontested divorce is not available in every jurisdiction, so it helps to consult an attorney. Issues of property distribution and criminal offenses do not have to be discussed because they are not subject to these proceedings. After final decisions have been made on specific elements of the divorce, a final decree of divorce can be signed by a judge. This process can help you avoid courtrooms and having important life decisions made by a third party. The firm offers their services to those seeking uncontested divorce so the process can proceed as smoothly as possible.

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